Monday, December 19, 2011

Peace on Earth

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year! And what more could we all want besides world peace? I always wish for peace and maybe someday it will come to be. I also want to say thank you to each and every one of my twitter friends. I love and appreciate you all so much and it is so nice to know that there are so many kind, generous, loving anipals out there. I feel very blessed to know all of you. I also feel blessed for my wonderful home (after being dropped off at the Humane Society with my littermates at only a few weeks old). The Humane Society nursed us all back to health, and my mom and daddy picked me out and gave me such a nice place to live. I have a screen porch to play in that makes me feel like I'm outside, a home to zoom around in, and all the noms and toys I could ever ask for!
Oh, and my big sis Zoe that I continue to torment on a daily basis! I sincerely hope all of you have a great holiday.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cat Quote of the Day

Last night I was looking at a little old book my mom has called The Literary Cat. It simply a bunch of quotes by famous and non-famous people about cats. What a perfect topic I thought. I mean, what would people most like to read about? Why, cats, of course!. No offense to doggies and all da other anipals out there, but I only have a book about cats. So, I thought each day I would post a quote on Twitter. Cats have been around and doted upon for a gazillion years. And I think it's rather funny that we can get humans to do whatever we want just be merely existing! Love that. Anyhoo, my bestest friend @CathyKeisha is always writing so many clever and entertaining things on her blog and that gave me some inspiration. Even if I only do a small blurb each day. No way can I compete with a professional writer like TW, so I have to copy others! MOL! I hope you enjoy them and it may give some insight to people who don't have cats what we're all about.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tagged Again!

My bestest friend in da whole wide world tagged me again. That be the stunning Miss @CathyKeisha! She always tries to give me suggestions for my blog, but I am no where nears as creative as she is. Anyhoo, that being said, I will once again plagarize her blog and answer the same questions she did:

1) Where do you like to hang out? That has to be on top of the slot machine and behind the TV. I jump onto the top of the slot machine, which sits next to the entertainment center with the TV on top. Then I walk behind the TV, put my front paws on top and try to push it over. This creates a lot of "FUSA!NO!STOPIT!" from my folks. That is also why my full given name is FUSA.NO.STOPIT. Really, that's what my birf certificate say!

2) Who is your favorite kitty crush? I think you all know that would be @Isagold. She my girlfriend and she loves me very much. I love her too! She lives in Australia and she is absolutely byootifuls! Again, I have to also mention @CathyKeisha. She is my bestest friend and my mom and TW are actually long lost sisters that were separated at birf!

3) What is your favorite scent? Hmmm, that be a tough one. I would have to say salmon. When daddy makes some for dinner, I squeak like crazy and try to grab it from mom. She always shares wif me. My second favorite scent is Zoe's butt.

4) What is your favorite TV show? My Cat From Hell is my favorite. I love the way the cats on that show make me look like a saint.

5) What is your favorite movie? Sorry to say, I don't have one. My short attention span, aka ADHD, makes it too difficult for me to sit still for more than 5 seconds.

6) What is the best piece of feline wisdom? OK, this is specifikly for @CathyKeisha: DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU! I find if you're nice to someone, they are usually nice back. So I schmooze up to mom all da time, and I get whatevers I want. I really got her wrapped around my little paw, but hey, dat's da life of a spoiled cat!

Now you all know a little more about me. I really have a great life and my folks love me very much. I am so lucky they picked me out of all the kitties they had a choice of at da Humane Society.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water Cat

This is about my sis Zoe, not me. She is a Tonkinese and she about eleben years old. To give you some background, mama and daddy got her from a boarding kennel about 7 years ago cos she needed a home. She's very beautiful so they decided to take her. She is a very sweet, well-behaved kitteh (as mama never hesitates to remind me!). Recently though, she's started getting more outgoing (YAY!) She been eating lots of new foods and turns out she likes tortilla chips, fries, mashed potatoes, mayo, ranch dressing, tartar sauce, well ... I fink you get da picture. Guess what else she been doing! All of a sudden, she loves WATER! I shudder at da thought. When mama turns off da shower in da morning, Zoe is right there to jump in and lap up some water. Well, dat's not so bad cos I been known to do dat sometimes too. But, she now likes mama to turn on da water so she can play! She sticks her head under da running waters, den she puts her paw under, den licks her paw and washes her face. My folks fink dis be SO cute since Zoe always been quiet and not adventuresome at all. Guess it just goes to show how we all can change as we gets older! The bad part of dis is that now Zoe dwives mama crazy every time she goes in da bafroom. Zoe jumps up in da sink and mrows for water, or goes over to da tub to ask mama to turn on da faucet! She be so funny and folks are real glad she's coming out of her shell, even if it did take forevers!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Well, I am one of the lucky friends of Miss @Cathykeisha who bestowed upon me the highly esteemed Stylish Blogger Award. Seeing as how I haven't blogged since forever, I wonder why I got it, but she is such a good friend it's so nice that she thought of me. I think I will take her lead and tell you a few things about me that you may not know:
- I don't meow, I kind of make little squeakie noises
- I LOVE to get chased around the house
- I like vegetables (go figure)
- I hide my mousie toys under the couch then get REAL excited when mom gets them out
- I like to sleep on top of the kitchen cabinets
- I rarely purr (only when I'm schmoozing up to mom in bed to get her up to feed us)
- I came from the Humane Society

@CathyKeisha is one of my bestest friends and I love her very much. We think that my mom and TW were separated at birth and are long lost sisters, they have so much in common! I really enjoy reading her tweets and blog posts, she makes me laugh so hard!

That's about all for now. I hope everyone is warm and safe with this awful winter weather. Love and peace to everyone.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Collar or no Collar?

Here i am in such a great mood playing wif some of my toys. Wanna know why i'm feeling so good? Because mama finally took off that gosh darn collar! She has tried so many on me, and i just go nuts! I'm always biting at it and pulling at if wif my teef. Folks just got me and Zoe new collars (and i must say they are very nice) with our name and phone number personalized right into the collar itself. Nice product, and Zoe couldn't care less WHAT was hanging around HER neck, but i couldn't handle it. Mama finally took it off today after daddy left the door open for about ten minutes and i wouldn't go anywhere NEAR going outside on my own! I know, i'm a wimp, but lots of fings scare me, and i'm just fine staying inside. Besides, i gots all da food i could ask for, plenty of toys, and lots of places to run and hide! And anyways i do has a chip, so on the one-in-a-bazillion chance i did get out and roam around, they could always find out where i lives.
Guess mama's a worrier, but just because she loves me so much!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

(not so much of a) Vacation

We all came back from vacation earlier today. I must say, it wasn't much of a vacation for me and Zoe. Da folks went out of town so mama said she was gonna take us to a "hotel" too. Well, how bad could dat be? She eventually got me and Zoe into our carriers (a horrid task, she keeps reminding me!) and off we went. Once in our crates, we was yowling like cwazy. We are bof very quiet cats, so da folks were very amused by our"singing". Fank goodness, mama says, dat da "hotel" is only a few minutes away. We arrived at our destination all in one piece. Da kennel people are very nice to us, so we really don't mind it. It's just the trip in da crate dat we don't like. And Zoe left mama a "surprise" dat she had to clean up when we got there! I, of course, thought it was very funny that mama had to clean up Zoe's "frow up". Once we were settled, our folks set off for the beach for their vacation.

It's about a 2 hour drive and they stay at a small, quiet motel on da beach. Right when they got all settled into their room, they relaxed wif a little drinkie by da pool. Guess who showed up instantly? The egret, pictured above. Turns out he must be used to all da people and know where the food is, cuz he was right outside their door every day begging for food. He would just stare at their door until they came out. Turns out he loves cheese, but crackers - not so much. They sure got a kick out of his daily visit.

Folks had a good time and mama was happy she got to relax. Now if she could just win da lottery so she can live at da beach forever, well, she can dream. But they went to Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, Hard Rock Casino, their favorite place to eat down in St. Petersburg beach, and the best place of all .... mama found a Flip Flop Super Center!!! She had a great time there and managed to come away with only two pair! And one pair have a built in bottle opener, so what more can you ask for????

Anyhoo, we is all back home safe. Me and Zoe had to keep yowling once we got home too, and we had to inspect da whole howse, every inch of it! We is happy to report dat all is well. Now, as long as we don't has to get in dat crate again for a long time, we be very happy kitties!