Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water Cat

This is about my sis Zoe, not me. She is a Tonkinese and she about eleben years old. To give you some background, mama and daddy got her from a boarding kennel about 7 years ago cos she needed a home. She's very beautiful so they decided to take her. She is a very sweet, well-behaved kitteh (as mama never hesitates to remind me!). Recently though, she's started getting more outgoing (YAY!) She been eating lots of new foods and turns out she likes tortilla chips, fries, mashed potatoes, mayo, ranch dressing, tartar sauce, well ... I fink you get da picture. Guess what else she been doing! All of a sudden, she loves WATER! I shudder at da thought. When mama turns off da shower in da morning, Zoe is right there to jump in and lap up some water. Well, dat's not so bad cos I been known to do dat sometimes too. But, she now likes mama to turn on da water so she can play! She sticks her head under da running waters, den she puts her paw under, den licks her paw and washes her face. My folks fink dis be SO cute since Zoe always been quiet and not adventuresome at all. Guess it just goes to show how we all can change as we gets older! The bad part of dis is that now Zoe dwives mama crazy every time she goes in da bafroom. Zoe jumps up in da sink and mrows for water, or goes over to da tub to ask mama to turn on da faucet! She be so funny and folks are real glad she's coming out of her shell, even if it did take forevers!

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  1. WATER! OMC! Actually, I don't drink the stuff but do like to play in it. When TW brushes her teeth, I love to bat at the water as she spits it out. Then I make her pour a stream of water out of her cup so I can bat at it and TRY to lap at it. That's the only water I'll try to drink. Anyway, I'm glad your sister is coming out of her shell—hmmmm, are you sure she's not a turtle?