Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Collar or no Collar?

Here i am in such a great mood playing wif some of my toys. Wanna know why i'm feeling so good? Because mama finally took off that gosh darn collar! She has tried so many on me, and i just go nuts! I'm always biting at it and pulling at if wif my teef. Folks just got me and Zoe new collars (and i must say they are very nice) with our name and phone number personalized right into the collar itself. Nice product, and Zoe couldn't care less WHAT was hanging around HER neck, but i couldn't handle it. Mama finally took it off today after daddy left the door open for about ten minutes and i wouldn't go anywhere NEAR going outside on my own! I know, i'm a wimp, but lots of fings scare me, and i'm just fine staying inside. Besides, i gots all da food i could ask for, plenty of toys, and lots of places to run and hide! And anyways i do has a chip, so on the one-in-a-bazillion chance i did get out and roam around, they could always find out where i lives.
Guess mama's a worrier, but just because she loves me so much!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

(not so much of a) Vacation

We all came back from vacation earlier today. I must say, it wasn't much of a vacation for me and Zoe. Da folks went out of town so mama said she was gonna take us to a "hotel" too. Well, how bad could dat be? She eventually got me and Zoe into our carriers (a horrid task, she keeps reminding me!) and off we went. Once in our crates, we was yowling like cwazy. We are bof very quiet cats, so da folks were very amused by our"singing". Fank goodness, mama says, dat da "hotel" is only a few minutes away. We arrived at our destination all in one piece. Da kennel people are very nice to us, so we really don't mind it. It's just the trip in da crate dat we don't like. And Zoe left mama a "surprise" dat she had to clean up when we got there! I, of course, thought it was very funny that mama had to clean up Zoe's "frow up". Once we were settled, our folks set off for the beach for their vacation.

It's about a 2 hour drive and they stay at a small, quiet motel on da beach. Right when they got all settled into their room, they relaxed wif a little drinkie by da pool. Guess who showed up instantly? The egret, pictured above. Turns out he must be used to all da people and know where the food is, cuz he was right outside their door every day begging for food. He would just stare at their door until they came out. Turns out he loves cheese, but crackers - not so much. They sure got a kick out of his daily visit.

Folks had a good time and mama was happy she got to relax. Now if she could just win da lottery so she can live at da beach forever, well, she can dream. But they went to Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, Hard Rock Casino, their favorite place to eat down in St. Petersburg beach, and the best place of all .... mama found a Flip Flop Super Center!!! She had a great time there and managed to come away with only two pair! And one pair have a built in bottle opener, so what more can you ask for????

Anyhoo, we is all back home safe. Me and Zoe had to keep yowling once we got home too, and we had to inspect da whole howse, every inch of it! We is happy to report dat all is well. Now, as long as we don't has to get in dat crate again for a long time, we be very happy kitties!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hot Tub Adventures

After talking with @CathyKeisha today, i decided i'd write about my hot tub adventures. For all of you with kinky thoughts, get your minds out of da gutter, it was really not as fun as it sounds. In fact, it wasn't fun AT ALL! First let me explain how our house is set up so you can better understand the whole scenario. Off the family room is a door leading out to our screen porch. There's a cat flap in the door so me and Zoe can come and go as we want, and since our litterbox is out there, it comes in quite handy. Well, last year my daddy got a hot tub and it's also in da screen porch. I like to jump on top of the cover as it gives me a much better perspective of all the sqwerls that like to torment me so muches! One day daddy was out piddling around doing something wif da hot tub and da cover was off. All of a suddens there's this humongous splash as i jumped right into the dang thing. I figured i'd jump up there like i always do, but this time kerSPLASH! I swam/crawled out so fast that daddy said i was out before i was all da way in! i ran in thru the door, which luckily for me was open, and ran thru da howse and hid under da bed. Of course my folks were laughing at me, but i thought it was not da least but funny! Mom followed the trail of water and eventually got me out from under da bed and held me close, wrapped up in a towel. I was SO SCARED! I had neber been swimming befores, and i think i don't much care for it! Mom got me dried off a bit with da towel, but i spent the rest of the night cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. In da morning mom said my fur was the cleanest and prettiest she had eber seen it.

Then, a few weeks after this horrendous affair, my daddy was getting out of da hot tub after his long day on da golf course. He needed to relax his muscles he says. Anyhoo, as he was getting out on one side, I JUMPED IN FROM DA OTHER SIDE! I know, can you believe it??? Daddy saw me swimming as fast as i possibly could and he scooped me up right out of da water. I ran in the house, this time the door was closed and i went thru da cat flap at at least one bazillion miles an hour. Mom was inside da howse and just saw a silver blur running thru da howse and under da bed. In case you haven't figured out by now, under da bed is my safe hidey spot. Again, mom coaxed me out, wrapped me up in a towel, and i had to clean myself for da rest of da night. She wasn't even mad about all da water i splashed thru da howse. She says at least if i'm gonna go swimming it's good to go in heated water so i don't fweeze to death.

Well, they sure had their laughs, and fortunately i haven't been in since. Two mistakes is more than enough. They used to fink i was a pretty smart cat, but after this they have their doubts. I neber been so scared in my entire short life! I still jump on top but only when da cover is on. Hopefully, i've learned my lesson.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

#Pawpawty Pwize

Look what i just gots in the mail! I won it at #pawpawty last month. Our pal @frugaldougal was having a contest, and i had the correct answer, and ta-da! I won cat toys, donated by @emmythecat. I was so excited since this the first time i won anything! They are beautiful handmade toys all in bright colors. I love the one with the long piece of yarn hanging from it the bestest. Mommy teases me with that one a lot. The round little "balls" i throw up in the air and try to catch. All in all, these will be hours of fun for me. Thanks so much to @frugaldougal and all the work he does for the #pawpawties, and to @emmythecat for donating the toys!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, most of you know, I've been pining away for my missing girlfriend @isagold. She's Back!!! I am so happy! We first met probably almost a year ago. I had been chatting with her via Twitter. I had a crush on @maddybasset but didn't know if the whole cat/dog thing could ever work out. As I was contemplating my dilemma, @isagold let her feelings known to me - she was in love with me, ME, can you believe that! I was getting all hung up on @maddybasset and my true love @isagold was right there in front of me! She's a few years older than me, so she calls herself a "cougar". Then at one of the #pawpawties, my (now) buddy @kingtuttifruiti starting hitting on @isagold. Well, I read thru the tweets afterwards, and thought I had lost her forever. But she explained to me that she had a little too much to drink and she was still in love with me. And, we all know, that @kingtuttifruiti can be a bad influence! Now, don't get wrong, Tutti's a great guy and is now my best pal, but he likes to create trouble sometimes, though it's all in fun. He even went to a lot of work to line me up with some other girls. Just trying to help me out, he said. I was about to the point where I thought I'd never hear from @isagold again. You see, last November, her family was moving to a new home, then came the holidays and I got a nice greeting from her. But then, nothing. I thought maybe she didn't like my any more, or worse, that something had happened to her or her family. Well, she just got back in touch! Seems there was a lot of things going on with the move and all, then her mama was sick. But, all is well in the Fusa World now. My love is back, gosh I missed her so much!

Now, my friend @kingtuttifruiti doesn't have to keep hearing all my complaining!

Well, that's all the news for now. And, oh yeah, I turned two on 3/23/10. Funny, @isagold thought I was already two, so I guess she's a "super cougar"! She'll always be my one true love.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


My big sister is Zoe, she's a beautiful Tonkinese. My folks got her from the kennel where their other cat was being boarded during vacation. She needed a home, so they took her in. She's a very quiet kitty. Folks weren't used to that as their other siamese, before me, was a real talker. Their siamese at that time, about 5 years ago, was very old and they finally had to put him to sleep at 18 years old. So that left Zoe by herself. Not that she didn't like that, in fact, she probably really loved being the only cat in the house so she could get real spoiled! She's a good girl, as my mama keeps saying. They think she had a troubled childhood maybe because she's not very playful, always on guard, that type of thing. Well, after couple years she really started to come out of her shell. She would play with mama with her toys, sleep on the bed at night with them, that sort of thing. Then in May 2008 I arrived on the scene. I was about 7-8 weeks old when they brought me home. I immediately ran right up to Zoe and jumped on her to play. She would have none of that! She started hissing and growling at me! Mama was real scared, she thought Zoe was gonna hurt me. But my daddy said "leave them alone, they'll learn to get along". But noises were coming out of Zoe that they had never heard before! The next day when my folks left for a while, mama was afraid she was gonna come home and find a dead baby kitty (me)! Look, for my entire 8 weeks, all I did was play with my siblings and we had a blast! I wanted to do the same with Zoe. But she growled and hissed every time I wanted to play. So mama started calling her misshissygrowl! It's been almost two years now and Zoe will play with me, but under her terms only. She's the one in charge. I'm very easy going so we play a little, then when Zoe decides she's had enough, she'll growl and run away. But you know what's funny? As we're playing she'll be growling the whole time! She'll roll over to play and growl at the same time - mixed signals for sure! Sometimes when she's out in the screen room and I'm inside the house, I can she her wanting to come in the cat flap, so I'll hide off to the side so she can't see me. She's very cautious, stares in to make sure the coast is clear, then slowly come through the flap. When she's about half way in (too late to turn back!) I'll attack her! She runs so fast it's hilarious! When she wants to come into a room, and I'm already there, she'll stop and look around for the best possible route to get around me! She'll walk real slow along the wall, then run real fast to get away from me. If she'd only understand I only want to play! Well, it took her a long time to come around and feel safe in her new home, so maybe in another 5 years she'll figure out that we can be friends! So, that's how she became known as misshissygrowl.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, here I am, my first bloggie! Not really sure what to do from here, but I guess I will learn as I go. I was adopted from the Humane Society of Marion County in May 2008. My folks were looking for another kitty, and since they love siameses, well, we were a match made in heaven. Of course, foodlady thinks she really picked out another kitten and I was given to them by mistake. Wonder why she thinks that? She says when they held "me" for the first time, I was cuddly and purring and was so sweet. But I turned out not to be a real affectionate cat that way, so she thinks I was traded with another kitty! Well, they're stuck with me now. For the first ten months living here, I was hell on wheels. Crawling the walls & hanging from artwork, scratching furniture, crawling up the curtains, that sort of thing. I thought it was all normal, but all I heard was FUSA.NO.STOP.IT all the time! Can you imagine? They tried everything under the sun to get me to stop scratching but I foiled them all, guess I'm pretty smart that way. Foodlady was so stressed out by my (bad) behavior she decided to have my toes mutilated and get me declawed. Oh, the horror! She was ALWAYS against that before, but I changed her mind, unbeknowst to me. It was either that or find me a new home, and I surely didn't want that. So I had the procedure done by our very nice VET man. He kept me for two days to make sure I was OK and healing good before he let me go back home. For the first few days I was kind of quiet, guess me feeties were sore, but I was still able to jump on the bed and couch, that sort of thing. Anyway, after a couple weeks the stitches were gone and I felt great. Now, time for a little crawl up the screen (or so I thought). The squirrels were outside taunting me as usual, and I took one huge flying leap to the top of the screen like I normally did, and ....... nothing, no traction, nothing! I fell back so fast and landed on a table and ran inside the house and hid (I'm good at hiding!). I soon learned my old ways were over. But I have adjusted very well and have since turned into a "very good kitty", at least that's what foodlady says.

Anyhoo, I guess that's enough for my first post. Next time I'll fill you in on my antics with Zoe and how she became to be known (by me anyway) as misshissygrowl.