Saturday, May 29, 2010

(not so much of a) Vacation

We all came back from vacation earlier today. I must say, it wasn't much of a vacation for me and Zoe. Da folks went out of town so mama said she was gonna take us to a "hotel" too. Well, how bad could dat be? She eventually got me and Zoe into our carriers (a horrid task, she keeps reminding me!) and off we went. Once in our crates, we was yowling like cwazy. We are bof very quiet cats, so da folks were very amused by our"singing". Fank goodness, mama says, dat da "hotel" is only a few minutes away. We arrived at our destination all in one piece. Da kennel people are very nice to us, so we really don't mind it. It's just the trip in da crate dat we don't like. And Zoe left mama a "surprise" dat she had to clean up when we got there! I, of course, thought it was very funny that mama had to clean up Zoe's "frow up". Once we were settled, our folks set off for the beach for their vacation.

It's about a 2 hour drive and they stay at a small, quiet motel on da beach. Right when they got all settled into their room, they relaxed wif a little drinkie by da pool. Guess who showed up instantly? The egret, pictured above. Turns out he must be used to all da people and know where the food is, cuz he was right outside their door every day begging for food. He would just stare at their door until they came out. Turns out he loves cheese, but crackers - not so much. They sure got a kick out of his daily visit.

Folks had a good time and mama was happy she got to relax. Now if she could just win da lottery so she can live at da beach forever, well, she can dream. But they went to Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, Hard Rock Casino, their favorite place to eat down in St. Petersburg beach, and the best place of all .... mama found a Flip Flop Super Center!!! She had a great time there and managed to come away with only two pair! And one pair have a built in bottle opener, so what more can you ask for????

Anyhoo, we is all back home safe. Me and Zoe had to keep yowling once we got home too, and we had to inspect da whole howse, every inch of it! We is happy to report dat all is well. Now, as long as we don't has to get in dat crate again for a long time, we be very happy kitties!


  1. What a great post! Did she bring the egret home for you and Zoe? Seems she owed you something for crating you up and boarding you.

  2. Small quiet motels that come with their own egrets are the only way to do holidays. I've never been lucky enough to have a room service egret... I just get some frumpy frau with a bad 'tude...