Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Collar or no Collar?

Here i am in such a great mood playing wif some of my toys. Wanna know why i'm feeling so good? Because mama finally took off that gosh darn collar! She has tried so many on me, and i just go nuts! I'm always biting at it and pulling at if wif my teef. Folks just got me and Zoe new collars (and i must say they are very nice) with our name and phone number personalized right into the collar itself. Nice product, and Zoe couldn't care less WHAT was hanging around HER neck, but i couldn't handle it. Mama finally took it off today after daddy left the door open for about ten minutes and i wouldn't go anywhere NEAR going outside on my own! I know, i'm a wimp, but lots of fings scare me, and i'm just fine staying inside. Besides, i gots all da food i could ask for, plenty of toys, and lots of places to run and hide! And anyways i do has a chip, so on the one-in-a-bazillion chance i did get out and roam around, they could always find out where i lives.
Guess mama's a worrier, but just because she loves me so much!