Friday, July 8, 2011

Tagged Again!

My bestest friend in da whole wide world tagged me again. That be the stunning Miss @CathyKeisha! She always tries to give me suggestions for my blog, but I am no where nears as creative as she is. Anyhoo, that being said, I will once again plagarize her blog and answer the same questions she did:

1) Where do you like to hang out? That has to be on top of the slot machine and behind the TV. I jump onto the top of the slot machine, which sits next to the entertainment center with the TV on top. Then I walk behind the TV, put my front paws on top and try to push it over. This creates a lot of "FUSA!NO!STOPIT!" from my folks. That is also why my full given name is FUSA.NO.STOPIT. Really, that's what my birf certificate say!

2) Who is your favorite kitty crush? I think you all know that would be @Isagold. She my girlfriend and she loves me very much. I love her too! She lives in Australia and she is absolutely byootifuls! Again, I have to also mention @CathyKeisha. She is my bestest friend and my mom and TW are actually long lost sisters that were separated at birf!

3) What is your favorite scent? Hmmm, that be a tough one. I would have to say salmon. When daddy makes some for dinner, I squeak like crazy and try to grab it from mom. She always shares wif me. My second favorite scent is Zoe's butt.

4) What is your favorite TV show? My Cat From Hell is my favorite. I love the way the cats on that show make me look like a saint.

5) What is your favorite movie? Sorry to say, I don't have one. My short attention span, aka ADHD, makes it too difficult for me to sit still for more than 5 seconds.

6) What is the best piece of feline wisdom? OK, this is specifikly for @CathyKeisha: DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU! I find if you're nice to someone, they are usually nice back. So I schmooze up to mom all da time, and I get whatevers I want. I really got her wrapped around my little paw, but hey, dat's da life of a spoiled cat!

Now you all know a little more about me. I really have a great life and my folks love me very much. I am so lucky they picked me out of all the kitties they had a choice of at da Humane Society.

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  1. Great answers Fusa. I find that by biting the hand that feeds me, TW is so scared of me, she'll give me whatever I want anyway. Your writing is better than you think and you're funnier than you think. If your Mom and TW are sisters, should I call your Mom The Other Woman (TOW). MOL