Friday, November 11, 2011

Cat Quote of the Day

Last night I was looking at a little old book my mom has called The Literary Cat. It simply a bunch of quotes by famous and non-famous people about cats. What a perfect topic I thought. I mean, what would people most like to read about? Why, cats, of course!. No offense to doggies and all da other anipals out there, but I only have a book about cats. So, I thought each day I would post a quote on Twitter. Cats have been around and doted upon for a gazillion years. And I think it's rather funny that we can get humans to do whatever we want just be merely existing! Love that. Anyhoo, my bestest friend @CathyKeisha is always writing so many clever and entertaining things on her blog and that gave me some inspiration. Even if I only do a small blurb each day. No way can I compete with a professional writer like TW, so I have to copy others! MOL! I hope you enjoy them and it may give some insight to people who don't have cats what we're all about.


  1. OMC Fusa, I will wait fur yr daily quotes wif baited bref.
    I miss u so much, I luvs ya,
    Isa xox

  2. SCORE! I inspired someone, my bestest furrend to write in her blog! I almost couldn't believe when I saw your blog on top of my blogroll this morn. TW does NOT write my blog though. I do. Can't wait for the quotes. xoxo