Sunday, April 18, 2010

#Pawpawty Pwize

Look what i just gots in the mail! I won it at #pawpawty last month. Our pal @frugaldougal was having a contest, and i had the correct answer, and ta-da! I won cat toys, donated by @emmythecat. I was so excited since this the first time i won anything! They are beautiful handmade toys all in bright colors. I love the one with the long piece of yarn hanging from it the bestest. Mommy teases me with that one a lot. The round little "balls" i throw up in the air and try to catch. All in all, these will be hours of fun for me. Thanks so much to @frugaldougal and all the work he does for the #pawpawties, and to @emmythecat for donating the toys!


  1. Concatulations! I remember how happy I was the first time I won something at a pawpawty. I couldn't wait to get my package.

  2. I am sooo happee for you winning all dem nice toys !! hugsxxx


  3. Yayyy!!! I won something last month too and put it on my bloggy! You look VERY happy with all your new toys! SMOOOOOOOOOCH!